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We spent over two years working with the finest wool in the world (New Zealand superfine merino, if anyone?s asking) to create a new fabric that?s incredibly soft, lightweight, breathable, and flexible. This natural fabric not only boasts the incredible properties of merino, but is durable enough to take you far.

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Anonymous
    Heard of wool shoes?? Yeah that's how comfortable it can be, exactly like you're imagining right now!!
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  • alc217
    Sorry for the late reply. Haven't gotten them that wet... But I would assume if they got too wet, yes it would stretch... And dunno if they'd get back into original shape.
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  • Hey! I assume, being wool, they won't hold up well in the rain? And how should they be sized - true to size?
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  • yanhan
    Thanks Alc!
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  • alc217
    These shoes are AMAZING!!! I own a pair and I absolutely love them! They work well in our climate too! I can wear them out (no socks) and not feel too hot. I can wear them on long haul flights and they let my feet expand and stay warm. Love going on trips
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  • joelleong
    So glad you suggested this szjh! I had read a pretty rad review on Business Insider about how these shoes are taking Silicon Valley by storm ( Keen to try a pair myself. At first sea
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