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A first of its kind laptop case that unfolds into your personal, mobile workstation.






Alcove's quick-folding design collapses into a sleek laptop case.

Pop up privacy panels help to block out those time-sucking visual and noise distractions when you are at your most creative: day or night. 

Alcove's light bar is your dedicated, mobile task light that helps to reduce eye strain when reading or writing in low lighting environments. 




The traditional office as we know it today is disappearing. The desk is no longer where the majority of work is happening. 

Our smart devices, productivity apps, and cloud networks enable us to share content at any given moment. Wherever you work, you need to focus. Alcove is redefining the way you find that focus, so you can be more productive when inspiration strikes.

Your Dedicated Mobile Office Anywhere Life Takes You


Available in Charcoal Black and Heather Gray
Available in Charcoal Black and Heather Gray



Airplane mode provides the right amount of privacy when traveling.
Airplane mode provides the right amount of privacy when traveling.

Alcove transforms your personal space into a private workstation, instantly. Our goal is to help people create their best work wherever life takes them. 

Alcove is the first product of its kind, offering you privacy that’s truly portable. Talent on the go need tools they can carry with them, so we’ve created a mobile workspace that also functions as a stylish and professional laptop case.






We’ve spent the last year observing people working in different locations. Noise and visual distractions are top complaints of workers in open spaces, so we made these issues a high priority. We have consulted with Andrew Barnard, Ph.D., of Barnard Acoustics, and his team to analyze and measure sound within Alcove so that our patent-pending panels are designed in a way that creates a dedicated, distraction-free workspace.

Results from acoustics testing and user feedback from our prototypes informed our direction to develop a revolutionary case that offers the semi-privacy of a partition and the portability and ease of a laptop computer. Just as computers have grown smaller and more mobile, we’ve reimagined the office partition walls of yesterday in a sleek, portable workstation that supports the workforce of today. 

With Alcove's visor, block sun glare and increase sound and visual privacy wherever you work.

High-Quality Construction

Alcove's case is made from the highest quality vegan leather and wool felt. The case wipes clean with ease and the felt side panels are uber soft to the touch when opening and closing. 



Convenient access to laptop ports for charging
Convenient access to laptop ports for charging


Beautifully balanced materials and colors
Beautifully balanced materials and colors



Alcove is slim enough to slip into your backpack or carry as a stand-alone with strap (Included). 

Alcove founders, Yared Akalou and Sergio Aleman Jr., met at university in 2009. Yared was a principal designer and part-time adjunct lecturer and Sergio was a senior enrolled in Yared’s industrial design course. From the onset, Sergio was a standout in the class. In 2016, they reconnected at a local design critique. Yared had just returned from living and working in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Sergio was head of Industrial Design at his company. They began tinkering with the idea of a product that would support today’s mobile workforce. 

The seeds of Alcove were planted and the former adjunct professor and design student combined their collective experiences to design a groundbreaking mobile workstation for the modern workplace.


Along our journey, we have collaborated with some of the most talented individuals in their fields. 


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