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We believe that you should be able to walk the streets safely without any concerns regarding your bag and your most valuable belongings. To actually make the streets a safer place we created; 

We are 100% Funded! We are making Albert!


Introducing Albert !

With 10+ groundbreaking features!

Anti Cut. We are using the most cut resistant material on the marked. 

Hidden Zipper. The Zipper is hidden up against your back

Lock System. You can lock your bag and the zipper to a sturdy element

Water Resistant. The materials used is extremely water resistant

External USB. Charge your phone on the go. You can plug in on the bag

Back Support. With weight distribution and locating pressure on your lower back. The bag feels much lighter. 

Hidden Pockets. There are 5 hidden pockets on this bag

Retractable Key Leash. In a side pocket, there is a retractable key leash

And many more!

 Choose between THE ALL GREY (Anti-Cut-Material) and THE BLACK & GREY (Anti-Cut-Material and smooth PU Material).





To a thief, it's not worth the trouble.

We have used the Best Anti Cut Material there is on the marked today; so nothing can cut trough your bag!


Albert is made from one of the most cut resistant fabrics in the world. Woven from a proprietary blend of high molecular weight polyethylene. It is:

60% Polymer Polyethylene Fabric

30% Black Industrial level polyester silk

10% Military level fiber

It is originally developed for use in high performance body armor. 

There is no such thing as a 100% cut-proof material. If it was, you wouldn't be able to sew and make anything with it. This grey material on Albert, is the most cut resistant you will find in the market, and it takes very specialized equipment to make the Albert with this. 

The main zipper is hidden up against your back;  

So only you will have access to your valuable stuff. You can now feel secure when turning your back to the world.



Secured locking chain; Made to lock the backpack to any object that your next to. Making it possible for you to leave your bag safely!



Supports your back and feel naturally! We designed it to distribute the weight evenly, with the laptop compartment up against your back, so it feels dramatically lighter and reduce back pains. 

The Albert backpack can be with you through the longest of days.

It also improves your posture when your on the move!


Quick to access hidden pockets on each side.

Store your keys and take them out from a retractable key leash without even taking the bag of first.


The Grey Anti Cut material is the highest possible Blade Cut Resistance, Tear Resistance, and Abrasion Resistance ratings based on international (ISO) and European (EN) standards.

We put stiffeners into the side panels and in the bottom of the bag so the bag will continue to look good even when empty or full.

 Albert is made with metal buckles and high end straps! 



On the straps; Two hidden small pockets with a zipper that is designed to hold your credit, bus, subway or metro card. Two slim side pockets in the front for something fast.

A bigger hidden pocket on bag; That is perfect for your passport, phone and wallet; It can be safe right next to you and you don’t have to look through the whole backpack for your most usable stuff.


We have made Albert a great organization bag, to make the day more smooth and easygoing.

The main zipper opens all the way up;

So you have a good overview over your belongings.

The inside of the bag; features great storage place with many functional pockets that is developed to keep your day-to-day essentials effortlessly organized.

Two foam padded protected sleeves for your laptop, tablet or notebook. 

Two ferm and five mesh elastic pockets that can be used for all your work, school or travel things, like; charger, powerbank, kamera, glasses, water bottle or snacks. 

Holders for your pen and headphones. 

Space to store your jacket, an extra sweater, shoes or a bag with gym clothes for later. You’re all set!


 To make your day even more functional we also put in a integrated USB charging port, that makes it possible for you to charge your phone at anytime, without lifting a finger.



The Albert backpack comes in two versions;

WITH all the same features. So you can decide which backpack fits your everyday style. And they are both water resistant and extremely durable!

The ALL grey version;  

Is all covered in Anti-Cut Material.

The black & grey version; 

Has Anti-Cut Material on the front and a smooth PU material on both sides on the back.

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