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Airstraps is a unique strap for your AirPods. Together with Eker Design, AEWA has designed a stylish strap that keeps your AirPods safe. Finally you can do psychical activities without loosing your AirPods!  



We are raising funds to make Airstraps in different colors, create a new mold, engrave the logo in black and produce more Airstraps to the world! 

  • We have good contact with our producers, and we have big plans making the Airstraps in different colors. Some of our future colors is Jet Black, RED, Rose Gold and Gold. 
  • We are also going to improve the surface with a smooth coating so no dust adheres to the strap. 
  • We will engrave the AEWA logo on the product in black color. 

By funding us, we will create the finest Airstrap. We will make them in optional colors. If we get to reach our goal, we will make the strap in the color you want in relation to our possibilities. We will also be able to coat them, which will give them a nice touch. We will also make larger amounts, and supply the world with more of our product!



How was the Airstrap created? 

AEWA Airstrap is a simple piece of art. We have co-operated with one of the greatest designers in the world, Eker Design. They are known for having designed the fastest cars on earth, Koenigsegg. We said we wanted good design, and we meant it. The result is exclusive and simple. 

Because of good communication with our producers, we have managed to make a decent amount of Airstraps. Now, we are on Kickstarter to fun a new mold and create more Airstraps! 


Airstrap in life

The Airstrap is made for a better experience with your AirPods. Together with Eker Design we have made sure that our product fits perfect with the AirPods. No matter what, you will never lose your AirPods.

Airstrap is our answer to keeping some of your smallest and most expensive items safe - be a genius



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