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One of our cool innovations is the pillow conversion. Adv3nture created the first hoodie/jacket to covert into pillows, and we are very excited about our new-and-improved pillow conversion. All of our hoodie and jackets convert into pillows in the same way-- through a microfleece-lined inside pocket. Watch this video to see how easy it is to convert our Glacier Parka into a full-sized travel pillow. Imagine using your Adv3nture pillow on a flight, as a passenger in a car, or staring up at the stars! It's SO comfortable!

Introducing the ADV3NTURE JACKETS 

Founded by Zane Lamprey (host of of travel shows on National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel & Food Network)Adv3nture creates premium apparel for outdoor enthusiast who love to travel. Our company was born on Kickstarter and, as we continue to grow, we still launch our new products here with our amazing community of backers.

Like our amazing Adv3nture Hoodie, that was backed by over 13,000 people here on Kickstarter, our new Voyageurs Hoodie and all of our Adv3nture Jackets are loaded with incredible innovations and plenty of features that you'll love every day. Our premium garments are meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure that they are durable and comfortable and enhance your journey, whether you're traveling around the corner or around the world. Your Adv3nture Jackets are perfect for any season, and will be the perfect companion on your trip. But, they are destined to be your go-to jackets for every day use.


Our new Adv3nture Jacket System consists Inner Layers: The Voyageurs Hoodie (an evolved version of the Adv3nture Hoodie) and the sophisticated Badlands Fleece, and our Outer Layers: the water and wind proof Wind Cave Windbreaker and the cozy Glacier Parka. Our inner layers can be comfortably worn on their own, and can zip and secure seamlessly into our outer layers to create an even warmer experience.


Become a backer of this project and pick a reward. It's that easy! 

You will essentially be pre-ordering one of our jackets. By getting your jackets here, you'll get a special backer discount, and you'll receive your apparel before it is available in stores.

After the campaign, you will be sent a survey, where you will tell us the style(s), size(s) and color(s) that you would like, as well as your shipping info. At that point, you will also be able to add onto your order. It will all make sense when you get your emailed survey! Just make sure the email address associated with your Kickstarter is one you check often.

Still, still confused? Email us!


Here is a breakdown of the hoodies and jackets that we make, along with the sizes offered, colors offered (some differ with Men and Women) and the current price. Note that once we hit certain milestones, our Early Bird Special pricing will end, and the prices (of just single products) will increase.


Previously known by over 13,000 backers as the Adv3nture Hoodie, the evolved Voyageurs Hoodie still offers 23+ pockets and features along with our updated quality of fabric, overlock stitching, zippers, pillow conversion, and an updated beverage opener. The Voyageurs Hoodie is the world's most comfortable and versatile hoodie. It was designed to travel, but is destined to be your favorite everyday hoodie. It easily zips and secures into the Wind Cave Windbreaker and the Glacier Parka.

 Here's a close-up of some of the features and construction. The Voyageurs Hoodie is built for comfort, functionality and durability. 


Named for Badlands National Park, this is a sophisticated full-zip fleece jacket. With many of the same features of the Voyageurs Hoodie, it zips and secures into the Wind Cave Windbreaker and the Glacier Parka.

The Badlands Fleece offers you a stylish and functional option wherever where your plans take you. Strategically placed quilted patches offer abrasion resistance on shoulders for backpack straps, and elbow for commuting and working at your desk.



The Wind Cave Windbreaker is a waterproof shell that had taped seams and waterproof zippers. Either of the inner layers zip and secure into the windbreaker, making it waterproof and warm.


The Glacier Parka is a premium winter jacket with 10 pockets and a faux fur collar. It's perfect for winter hikes, walking around the city, and it's durable enough for hitting the slopes. With either of the inner layers zipped in, it is rated to sub-zero temperatures.


Each of our inner and outer layers comes with a bevy of incredible features. The objective was to make something that looked great, where the innovations where seamlessly integrated into the garment, so it also looked great. 


All of our garments convert into incredibly comfortable travel pillows. In fact, they're SO comfortable, they may just replace your actual pillow!


All of our garments come with built-in "emergency" bottle openers. They are clipped into the passport pocket, but can also be clipped into the paracord in the side pockets.


With every purchase of an Adv3nture product, we plant three trees. We have created a tree program whereby we plant three indigenous trees in areas of the US that have been affected by forest fires and deforestation. We work with arborists and environmental scientists to ensure that the trees that we're planting are the best for the location that we'll be planting. Every product backed in this campaign will have three trees planted in the US.


We want to encourage people to get outside, and disconnect from the digital world so they can reconnect with the natural world. We're as passionate about the environment as we are with making the best possible products. So, we have named our garments after US National Parks. Our Voyageur (French for Traveler) Hoodie is named for the national park in northern Minnesota. The Badlands Fleece is in honor of one of South Dakota national parks. The Wind Cave Rainbreaker is named after one of the longest caves in the world, also located in South Dakota. The Glacier Parka is named for Montana's northern most national park where the temperature often dip far below zero.


To best way to determine your sizing in Adv3nture apparel, we recommend laying your favorite hoodie, fleece or jacket on a table to compare the measurements with ours. This will help to ensure the best fit. Our inner layers (hoodie & parka) will zip into the outer layers (windbreaker & parka) of the same size. Below is a chart showing the measurements for our garments and an image to show how to take the same measurements on your garment.


The Adv3nture Jacket System was designed to enable you to get a wide range of coverage from a minimal amount of apparel. So, when you are packing for a weekend getaway or a long voyage, you can pack light, and stay warm and dry.

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