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Want to bring your workstation wherever you go?  The AdapDesk has you covered!

  • Get that perfect table incline with the desk's multi-step variable angle adjustment function
  • Keep everything in arms reach with multiple slots and platforms for Mouse, Drinks, Phone and even Stationary!

  • Suitable and applicable for all ages

  • Folds neatly for storage into a bag or briefcase or even to be stowed away on a shelf or in a cupboard!

Grouphunt Deal includes one Fully Foldable AdapDesk in your chosen colour with either a matching Briefcase or Backpack!  Grab yours now!

Note: Only the Fully Foldable AdapDesk is offered in this hunt and not the Standard Edition AdapDesk.


“On the way home, I’d often picture myself using my laptop comfortably and with no limits. But shortly after every time I’d try it, I’d realize something was missing from my picture. The desk, the couch, the bed; I couldn’t get quite cozy with any of these.

I looked for solutions on the internet, and I tried everything I could find.  

It turned out there were many products that seemed to fit the bill, but when tested they fell flat. Some were solid but not comfortable. There were light and portable ones, but they weren’t reliable and durable. There were many products that had characteristics I was looking for; none of them had them all, in one system.  

So… my team and I took it upon ourselves and designed one from the ground up.”

~ Gus, Head Designer of AdapDesk  

Here’s what we’ve got:





 AdapDesk is not just a portable laptop desk that you can use in comfort.   

It’s a complete system that lets you use your laptop to it’s fullest potential. Doesn’t matter what you’re using it for, you can do so with all your peripherals connected, a mouse of your choice and while having a drink.

Comes in two editions:

  • The Fully Foldable edition folds to 11.75” x 12.75” x 3.75”, so it fits inside most backpack and laptop briefcases. 
  •  The Standard edition folds into a 12.75” x 23.5” x 2” for easy storage.   


  • AdapDesk unit weighs 5 lbs (2.26 kg). 
  • Mouse Pad Holder weighs 0.5 lbs (0.23 kg). 
  • Cup Holder weighs 0.3 pounds (0.14 kg). 
  • Made from high quality furniture grade calibrated maple ply wood with a hardened tough finish. 
  • Scratch resistant work surfaces for years of use without wear. 


Take it with you on the go.



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