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Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

Check out our detailed video overview of the ActionHat Mesh and ActionHat Visor! See how you can even pop our patent-pending frame into your own hat for a completely custom ActionHat. 

Sure, it looks like just some hat with a GoPro on it, but it's a little bit more than that - we promise! You see, we hated the elastic head strap so much, that we invented the ActionHat. 


The problem with the elastic head strap is that you can't put it on one-handed when you're in the middle of the action. And, as you can tell by our video, we are fishermen - so when we're fighting fish with both hands on the rod and reel, we can't fumble around with a head strap. Or worse yet, accidentally drop it in the water while trying to put it on.


Being able to pop it on one-handed when you want to capture that BIG moment, is a BIG deal. We discovered this through a simple DIY - by screwing in a GoPro to the bill of the hat. Unfortunately, that DIY hat along with our $400 camera sank to the bottom of the ocean. So with the ActionHat, we made it FLOAT! If you spend anytime near or on the water, consider the ActionHat an insurance policy for your expensive camera.  

It FLOATS with one action camera (or up to 6 oz mounted)
It FLOATS with one action camera (or up to 6 oz mounted)

The real magic is in the patent-pending, multi-mounting location, floating frame. The frame makes the ActionHat modular and customizable. With multiple mounting locations, you can wear it forwards or backwards to get the exact shot you want. You can mount an action camera or a smartphone (kit sold separately). Since the camera weight is not on the bill (and front heavy), the ActionHat sits comfortably and balanced on your head. 

ActionHat has multiple mounting locations
ActionHat has multiple mounting locations

Because the ActionHat is used outdoors and on the water, we've had many requests for a mesh back ActionHat. While the request seemed simple enough, the see-through mesh required us to redesign and rethink the support frame completely. We wanted to keep all the great things about the original ActionHat but make it lighter and more comfortable. 

Check out the prototype pictures in the gallery
Check out the prototype pictures in the gallery


After over a year of developing and testing dozens of different prototypes, we are finally ready to launch our new mesh back hats with our patent-pending flexible frame! 

All the components have been designed and tested, now we just need your help to get the molds made and the production started!

By meeting our goal we can new three styles of ActionHats in black. By exceeding our goal, we can add more color option for you to pick from! When that happens, we'll request your color selection in the Backer Survey. 

ActionHat Mesh and ActionHat Visor
ActionHat Mesh and ActionHat Visor

The new flexible frame allows you mount two accessories at one time. To use the hat backwards, simply disconnect the mount, slide the frame to the back mounting location and reattach the mount. And just like the original ActionHat, if it falls in the water - it will float!

Take a look through our image gallery for close-ups
Take a look through our image gallery for close-ups



We also created the ActionHat Visor: a simple, lightweight design with one mounting location. Just like all ActionHats, it was designed to pop on quickly and easily with one hand, and it floats!

Check out the overview video below:

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