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"Wardrobe basics that are anything but basic" is a fantastic way to describe the work coming out of Ably Apparel. 

We need a minimum of 50 orders so get sharing and get hunting! Share this with your friends who hate doing laundry or with your travel buddies or with that one smelly colleague (ok, maybe don't).

For this hunt we're only offering Bradley and Polly, the basic Male and Female Pocket Tees. But, if you'd like something else from the Ably Apparel range, comment down below and let's see what we can work out!



Ably’s 100% premium cotton shirts and hoodies shrug off water, stains, and odor so you can get into your dirtiest fun and still look and smell fresh. Go ahead, Nature Boy—camp for a week with only one shirt. Go for it, Gym Queen—work out for an hour on the elliptical and still smell like daisies. It’s time to think of all the stuff you can do with your time besides laundry.

Ably Apparel is activated with Filium™, a technology that makes natural fabrics repel liquids, stains, and odors. The first time we saw our prototypes in action, we had to pick our jaws off the floor. Pour water on an Ably shirt, spill coffee or wine, and it just beads up and rolls off like it’s on glass.

Unlike most performance apparel, ABLY clothing doesn’t absorb sweat. Your perspiration just evaporates through the breathable fabric, keeping your clothes fresh. You can wear our shirts to the gym every day for a week and it’ll still smell new. It’s not 100% waterproof, so if you get dunked you’ll still get wet—but your Ably shirt or hoodie will dry up to 40% faster than regular cotton. There are other products on the market now that promise similar repellant properties, but they use a nanoparticle coating. Our technology doesn’t use nanoparticles or toxic chemicals that can leach into your skin or the environment. Filium’s core technology is produced according to bluesign® standards for sustainable materials and production.








 Ably refers to their standard male pocket tee as 'Bradley'. 

Please refer here to see more pictures of the different colours.  

Ably refers to their standard women pocket tee as 'Polly'.

Please refer here to see more pictures of the different colours.   




We think this product is amazing even if it’s just one incredible shirt or hoodie in your wardrobe. (Or five. Or ten. Don’t let us hold you back.) Doing laundry uses a lot of energy and resources. Washing and drying one load of laundry every two days creates about 970 lbs of CO2 every year. Even if you don’t do laundry that often, multiply that energy cost by all the hundreds of millions of people who wash clothes. Which is most people, by the way. If even a fraction of the world’s clothing were activated with Filium, that would be a gigantic reduction in carbon emissions and wasted resources.

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