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A versatility magnetic clip for your pen, earphone, cables, snakcs, whiteboard magnets, bookmark, fridge magnets, papers, clips holder, money clip, etc.

PENCLIP Type-A: what is it so special?

PENCLIP Type-A is, in our humble opinion, the best damn way to carry your favourite pen.

Versatility - Additional Features





Hi, Kickstarters! This is PENCLIP Type-A. Each clip is carefully made by hand by some of the most talented craftsman in the world. The material is made of high quality full-grain leather, elastic band and super strong magnets. It has more stability and operability, so you can easily carry any type of pen with you however you like. If you need an addtional pen, we have designed an elastic band just for that.

It’s designed first and foremost with ease of carriage and use in mind. If you’re looking for a way to carry your pens around comfortably, look no further.

To achieve an affordable price whilst using quality materials and a high level of craftsmanship, we need to produce this PENCLIP Type-A in quantity(1500pcs minimum order quantity), so that’s where you come in. By backing our project, you will help pay for the first production run. In exchange, you will receive this amazing pen holder with an impressive specification at a hugely discounted price!

With our suppliers ready to go, we need your help to place our first purchase order. Your support will help us to realize our dream. 

When we consider essential items carried around every day, we often think of our wallet, phone, keys and pens. Oh Yes, the PEN, but how are we gona carry it? This's why we designed this PENCLIP Type-A.

In general, some pen clip are not simple and huge to carry and no product on the market offered a good solution. So we decided to create a minimalist pen clip that solved the problem.






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