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TATE WADE is a two-man start-up based in Bienne in Switzerland, home of luxury watches. The journey started when two watch enthusiasts met to make an authentic design Swiss automatic watch which doesn’t cost an arm and leg and delivers everyday pleasure to wear.


Our goal is to bring something new and different to our consumers. To create a design we wanted, we had to find our own unique brand concept which will live in our watches. After many exchanges of ideas, we took ‘moments of life’ idea to build our brand since we believe that our watches can have bigger meaning to our consumers than being just nice watches to wear.

The idea is simple but relevant. In life, there are important moments which make difference. However, sometimes we miss them without realising how important they are. We wish our consumers to be able to leverage full potential of each moment to live a successful and meaningful life without leaving important things behind.

To translate this idea into more tangible design code, we chose camera as a medium because we saw a strong link between photography which captures slice of life and our idea about moments. Thanks to top Swiss watch designers that we work together, this concept is now materialized into a unique TATE WADE design.

Prototype designs
Prototype designs

The design is elegant, premium, and playful. Each model boast its own personality to accommodate different preference that you may have. On the case back of each watch, it is written in Latin ‘Carpe Momentum in Vita” as per our brand mission. ‘Seize the moments in the life’.  

Bokeh Collection - Gun Metal PVD - 42mm
Bokeh Collection - Gun Metal PVD - 42mm



Bokeh collection offers you three styles of watches.


  • Bokeh Collection - Stainless Steel - 42mm



  • Bokeh collection Black PVD - 42mm




  • Bokeh Collection Gun Metal PVD - 42mm





We chose SWISS MADE as we value the heritage of Swiss automatic watch industry which have been built over hundreds years through continuous innovation. If we were to make a quartz watch, we could have gone somewhere else to make our watches. However, for AUTOMATIC watches of long term value, we believe that Swiss Made is the right choice for you. It was also a challenge that we set for ourselves to prove that it is possible to create a unique Swiss Made watch with attractive price. 

Made by Swiss Craftmanship
Made by Swiss Craftmanship

You might ask why we chose automatic watch rather than quartz which is more accurate. As watch enthusiasts, we believe that true value of a watch is not only in accurately measuring time but also in special emotional bonding that we can build with the watch for long period of time. We want a watch which we can proudly wear for long time and give it to someone important as a meaningful gift in life. When we finalized our brand concept, it became clear that it had to be a mechanical movement.

Bokeh Collection - Black PVD - 42mm - Caseback
Bokeh Collection - Black PVD - 42mm - Caseback
ETA movement is one of the most popular movements used by the most of luxury Swiss watch brands. Due to its popularity, it is extremely difficult to source it for a small start-up. We searched almost a year to find a supplier who could provide us with the movement not only for this project but for long term. After a long search, we finally found one! After a long discussion with the supplier, for the project, we decide to use ETA2824. ETA2824 is one of the most famous movements which can be easily found in many of top end luxury Swiss watch brands. Precision of the movement is definitely one of the best out there.
ETA2824 movement
ETA2824 movement

All TATE WADE watches have specification only found in premium Swiss watch brands.

  • Movement: ETA2824
  • Case: Unique wing body case in 42mm / Steel / premium PVD coating (43.5mm for wing side)
  • Thickness: 9.1mm
  • 20mm lug width
  • Case back: 4 screws case back with window
  • Front glass: 1.85mm Elevated Sapphire glass with Anti-Reflection coating
  • Back case glass: High quality mineral glass window
  • Dial: Immersive multi-layer dial with different finishing
  • Water Resistance: 50M
  • Crown: TATE WADE crown
  • Buckle: TATE WADE buckle
  • Strap: High quality genuine leather



All TATE WADE watches allow you to change the look of your watch within seconds without tools.

All our watches come with 2 years warranty period. 

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