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This holiday season, we're bringing back that warm fuzzy excitement of receiving and opening a mysterious gift.  We’re inviting everyone in Singapore to join in the fun, because happiness is gained when shared


So if you’re into spreading some love around this little red dot, and receiving something in return, join in by filling the form below!

  1. What is Secret Santa Singapore and how can I join in?
    Secret Santa Singapore is a program started by Grouphunt aimed at spreading joy and happiness throughout our little red dot this holiday season. When you participate in this Secret Santa program, you’re both the Santa & the recipient. This means you will be giving a gift to someone, and receiving a gift from another.
  2. How can I participate?
    All you have to do is fill up the registration form by 8th December, 12 noon, and we’ll match you up! Then, on the same day ay 6pm, you’ll receive an email containing your recipient’s address and some fun facts about them that they would like you to know (it helps you with your gift buying).
  3. At what value should my gift be?
    We recommend that your gift be valued at SGD$20. You may choose to spend more at your own discretion. 
  4. Where can I buy my gifts?
    Anywhere, online, in stores, basically wherever you normally buy your gifts for others!
  5. What should I give my recipient?
    Put yourself in the shoes of your recipient, would they enjoy what you’re sending their way?
  6. Will my personal information be revealed to anyone?
    Only your address, name and fun facts will be revealed to your Santa (and no one else). Other optional information such as gender, is up to you - but may be helpful to your Santa!
  7. Why does my address, name & fun fact have to be revealed to my Santa?
    Address: So they’re able to send the gift to you!
    Name: Some delivery services may require your name.
    Fun Fact: It will help your Santa pick a better gift for you.
  8. Why does Grouphunt require my email address and phone number?
    It’s a mean of contacting you, such as sending you reminders and information about your recipient or in case we have to re-match you. We will not be sending you unnecessary emails / messages or marketing material.
  9. Will I be able to contact my Santa?
    No, we will not reveal the contact details of the Santa to the recipient. If your Santa writes you a card and reveals themselves, that’s up to their discretion.
  10. Will I be able to contact my recipient?
    No, we will not reveal the contact details of your recipient. If you’re stuck with choosing your gift, use your best guess(: For important things like partial addresses (that will affect the sending of gifts), email us at hello@grouphunt.sg and we’ll help you out.
  11. When will I find out who I'm sending a gift to?
    On the 8th of December, at 6pm, we'll send the information out to you so you can start shopping for your recipient. Check your inboxes for our email!
  12. When do I have to send the gift out by?
    The deadline for sendin your gift out to your recipient is the 15th of December. We recommend that you send it out earlier to ensure your gifts arrive in good time during this festive season.  So get shipping because someone else is doing the same for you, and someone out there is waiting excitedly for your parcel to arrive at their place.
  13. Can I send the gift directly from a website to my recipient?
    Sure! If it ships directly to that person why not? Some websites even allow you to leave a note with the gift, so remember to do so! But remember to save a screenshot of the tracking number!
  14. Do I need to keep the receipt of what I’ve purchased for my recipient?
    Yes, keep it until we’ve sent you a notice that your recipient has received their parcel. Even if you’ve shopped online, keep a screen shot as proof of purchase just in case the gift is defective.
  15. What should I take note of when shipping?
    - Include your address so it may be sent back to you if undelivered.
    - Choose registered delivery so you’ll get a tracking number in case it goes missing.
    - Always, always pack it well. Assume that it will be dropped or knocked against during handling and delivery.
    - Keep the receipt/ snap a photo of it as proof that you’ve delivered the package.
    - If you’ve made a purchase online, ensure that you’ve kept a screenshot of the shipping & tracking details.
  16. I’m not home most of the time. Can I indicate my office address instead?
    Sure. Leave the best address for your Santa. The most important thing is for the parcel to reach you (:
  17. Hurray! I got my gift, how do I thank my Santa?
    Head over to this form to indicate that you’ve received your gift so we’ll be able to update your Santa. You may also add a thank you note there!
    Post it on social media (Facebook or Instagram) and use the hashtag #secretsantasg. So when your Santa searches the tag, he/she will be able to see that you’ve gotten it!
  18. I sent out a gift, but did not receive anything in return. Now what?
    From our experience with shipments and deliveries, there are a few possible scenarios:
    - The delivery came when no one was home so it is probably residing at your nearest post office or sent back to your Santa.
    - The delivery is late due to backlogs. We’d give it another week or so.
    - It wasn’t delivered.
    If you haven’t received a gift from your Santa by 10th Jan 2018, contact us at hello@grouphunt.sg
  19. My present was undelivered and sent back to me, now what?
    Contact us at hello@grouphunt.sg and we’ll help you out with it(:
  20. My recipient lives near me, we’re practically neighbours! Can I just pop over to their place?
    Not without their consent. Not everyone is comfortable with others just popping by at their place without notice. Ship that parcel, after all, it’s not every day that someone receives a parcel from the postman that’s not their own online shopping loot. Go ahead, make someone's day!
  21. Can I cancel my participation?
    No. Hey, it’s not very nice to leave someone hanging eh?
  22. Who’s eligible to participate in Grouphunt’s Secret Santa?
    If you live in Singapore, and want to make someone happy you’re eligible!
    You don’t have to be Singaporean. You can be of any nationality. As long as you live here!
  23. I don’t live in Singapore, can I join in Grouphunt’s Secret Santa?
    At the moment, we are unable to accept international participants. BUT! We if we get enough interest, we might start accepting international participants next time around! (: So let us know!
  24. Got a question that’s not listed here?
    Ask us at hello@grouphunt.sg
  25. Is this like Reddit's Secret Santa?
    We're inspired by that! Thank you for noticing! (:

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